Solidarity Fast with SOA Lobby Days in DC

Monday, April 4th:

The eight day fast-peace action sponsored by the SOA Watch has begun.Fr. Roy Bourgeois stands today with hundreds of supporters in front of the White House and proclaims a fast in the spirit of the Old Testament Prophets.

Their intent is to stand in solidarity with our Latin American sisters and brothers whose countries have been in upheaval for more than half a century due to the ever-increasing militarization of their continent by the United States.

The hundreds fasting outside the White House hope to be joined by thousands of Americans from sea to sea to ask our country to stop the exploitation of our neighbors to the south.

We fast in order to walk with our neighbors and to commit ourselves to being a voice of hope in the midst of their suffering. Our fast and our protest offers a means of standing with neighbors who have been the victims of tens of thousands of atrocities committed by militias and militaries.

You are invited to join the fast; to pray for an end to America’s role in endless violence against the poor of Latin America and to contact your congressional representative and say ENOUGH. If the “American Dream” can only be realized on the backs of poor the world over then it is not a dream for Americans but a nightmare for our sisters and brothers.

There will be a daily post here with continuing comments about Fr. Bourgeois and the SOA Watch and the Fast-Peace Action they invite us to be part of. Once we realize that Jesus is speaking to each one of us and that the Samaritan along side the road is an entire people and an entire nation, and that they are our sisters and brothers – we can remain silent no longer.

Hope you consider joining the fast – please let us know if you’d like to learn more or go deeper.

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