Roundtable: Understanding the SOA

Thursday, November 25
Dinner 5:00-6:30 p.m.
Roundtable 7:00 p.m.

Dorothy Day House of Hospitality
620 Belmont Ave

For twenty years, a handful of focused, passionate people have led the work of the School of the Americas Watch.  SOA Watch is a nonviolent grassroots movement that works to stand in solidarity with the people of Latin America and the Caribbean, to close theSOA/WHINSEC and to change oppressive U.S. foreign policy that the SOArepresents. We are grateful to our sisters and brothers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for their inspiration and the invitation to join them in their struggle for economic and social justice.

As Catholic Workers, one of our greatest calls is to see the face of Christ in all of humanity and to peacefully resist and even protest those injustices and systems which violate human dignity.  This month we have committed to learning more about the mission of the SOAW as they prepare for the 20th vigil at Fort Bernning.  Please visit their website to learn more: Anyone who wishes to learn more about US relations with Central America can also visit the Inter-religious Task Force on Central America, this group works out of Cleveland.  Please join us Thursday evening as we pray, reflect and discuss action regarding the SOA and related issues.