Roundtable: The Justice of Economics

Our roundtable this month will remain focused on the injustices we have come to understand and are called to address in our Federal/ State Budgets. We are privileged to have (through DVD!) Amata Miller, IHM, PhD as our presenter. Amata Miller is a gifted economist and women of faith and justice. She provided this presentation on October 24 as part of ” Partnership for Peace and Justice: Global Economics”. Please come, be informed, inspired by the call to ‘occupy’ the gospel and to greater stewardship of the world with which we have been blessed.

Some insights from Amata’s presentation that you will appreciate mulling over before we meet,include:

  • ‘Although Economics is but one part of life, it has become the dominant part of our lives..
  • Economics is about RELATIONSHIPS. The key relationship is between what I have…and what I need. Thus, Economics is about values and choices.
  • Our priorities make the difference in the quality of life in our culture. And, markets make decisions according to our priorities.
  • In John Haughey’s “Holy Use of Money,” he develops ‘mammon illness’ as : reliance on ‘having,’ numbness to the needs of others (compassion fatigue) and split consciousness, i.e., we separate daily life and spiritual life.
  • For the Economist (and hopefully the budget builder), the relationship is between efficiency and equity.
  • Essential to that balance is knowing and reckoning with: Who owns the resources under consideration? And, how do decisions get made regarding those resources?
  • The rights of the poor take precedence over the desires of all others… This is not to say that the desires are not legitimate, rather, the rights of the poor…’
  • “Jesus was a subversive sage, a healer, a prophet who tried to call leaders back to values.
  • And you/me? We are called to engage our culture critically….” (Eliz.Johnson)