We provide meals four times a week to approximately 90 volunteers and guests. We welcome volunteers to help with meals in either of the capacities described below.

“Chefs”: Chef-ing involves preparing a meal for approximately 90 guests and volunteers. A simple meal of your choosing is always welcome. You may cook in our kitchen or in your own space and bring the meal to the House. Those interested in being chef for a night should contact us.

Serving and Clean-up Teams: Team members arrive at 4:00 PM to prepare the serving area and Dorothy Day Room. Servers are provided a brief orientation at 4:00 PM by the team leader and specific jobs are handed out at this time. At 5:00 PM, after common prayer, the meal is served. Clean-up begins at 6:30 PM. Please contact Val Seaborn at 330-540-3556 (call or text).

We are blessed to have several restaurants and caterers in the area who have committed with us to the works of mercy.  These restaurants have agreed to donate one meal a month to Dorothy Day Hospitality Services. We have openings for additional restaurants that would be interested in preparing meals. Our current partners are: Aladdin (Food Service at Vill Maria), AngeNetta’s Cafe, Fifth SeasonSelah, and St. Elizabeth Nutrition Services