Looking Back: To Our Beginnings…

*At this time last year after months of meetings and groundwork we of the Catholic Worker Community, Youngstown prepared to serve our first meal!

*We had our Open House on the third Sunday of November cheap nba jerseys with dozens and dozens in attendance including words of inspiration from our Mayor and a blessing from Bishop Murray. Sister Ann put the vision before us that afternoon and all were anxious for her words to take shape and come to life.

*We served our first Thanksgiving meal our first week of service even as our number of guests were between twelve and eighteen.

*Finally our Round-Table moved from St. Christine’s to our very own Dorothy Day House.

*In the months to come carpet was pulled “His up and our wood floors were finished, cabinets went up, tile was laid, walls were added, dry-wall went up, walls were painted, ceilings repaired, a furnace was installed, duct work was done, plumbing and electrical work done, and on and on it went – how grateful we are to Deputy-Sheriff Sam and his crew for the monumental role they played in all that.

*As much as we could say about the brick and mortar it’s been the growth and formation of our community itself that’s been most amazing.

*We were blest from the beginning with dedicated volunteers and legions turning out for our inaugural retreat and huge open house.

*We greatly outnumbered our guests in the beginning but with each passing month we hit a new milestone: twenty, then thirty, forty; from fifty it seemed to jump Phone to seventy Perspective the same month and then stunned disbelief – one hundred plus…

*While all along we have been honored to provide a meal for those who grace our doors we have endeavored to recognize from the beginning in each person who entered the house the presence and dignity of Christ Himself.

*Before the first meal was served our beginnings trace back to the groundwork done by And so many; the inspiration that sprang from the Humility of Mary and Ursuline Sisters collaboration; the Core group that grew out of that; partnerships with countless friends, the quest for a house; an architect and building contractor friends who moved mountains for us, a friendly Landlord who worked with us, a sheriff’s department that was an invaluable alley and all so many major contributors; how blest we have been.

*With each passing month our first year we seemed to enjoy astounding new blessings; Stereotype guests who became generous volunteers and invaluable community members; a garden cheap jerseys crew who worked long, hard hours week in and week out, those dedicated to our shower ministry, collaborations that led to an inspired Good Friday March; how we have seen God’s Spirit of at work everywhere at once.

*By mid summer we were celebrating Mass each month, gathering for evening prayer every Wednesday; likewise we began the formation of our C.W. Community, and our Round-Table the fourth Thursday of each month continues (The third Thursday this month because of Thanksgiving Day).

*From that first meal back in November of ’09 to the present how we have been blest with Team Leaders who were willing to за shoulder the responsibility for overseeing the countless details of an evening’s meal, a resource team that has become diligent in utilizing our resources, three Humility of Mary volunteers who have made invaluable contributions, head chefs, restaurants and various groups who have put in countless hours preparing our meals and regular volunteers who turn out once a week and more like clockwork to make sure our guests get a good meal in a warm, hospitable home where all are welcome.

*In our Catholic tradition we can say that we are doing and being Eucharist at the Dorothy Day House, Youngstown. At times our experience has been so profound that it seemed we were literally dripping in the presence of Christ; touched by cheap jerseys a tangible holiness, a sense of a space made sacred by the encounter of people who have shared deeply and entrusted their woes, hope and dignity to one another.

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